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Thursday, 08/10/2006 - 10:23 p.m.

It's been forever since I've blogged because nothing has been happening. Feh. Last weekend was pretty good; decent Munch turnout and the dungeon party was good. I'm still not a *huge* fan of Back To School night, but I could see going next year. I figured there would be nine million schoolgirls so I went as HeadMistress (as ST called me). Head to toe shiny black PVC, complete with high heeled boots and a ruffled blouse, seemed to be a hit. More strangers approached me that night than in the past year. I finally got to put a bunch of names with faces. The Boy and I were both bruised and beat up, and I miss not being able to swing leather on a regular basis. 16Candles told me about "pay what you can" nights that happen at the local dungeon every so often and I'm keeping my eye out for those nights because we're po'.

Money will be coming in soon, though, from both of us because I got hired! YAY! I go to orientation on Monday! Holy crap. I'm so nervous but I'm excited as hell, too. It will be like clinicals all over again because I'll still be paired up with someone and they'll still treat me like the new guy. I'm hoping really hard for smaller cases or cases I already know so that I'll be turned loose alone. I look at it like a tech is being wasted by being paired up with me on cases I know. That's a tech that can be relieving someone else for lunch/home, or assisting on a big case, etc. I could be doing a lot of lunch relief myself. No matter what, this is what I went to school over a year for. Whoo hoo! Now I'm gung-ho for nursing school but that is a pipe dream for right now.

The Boy and I are going to Nashvegas this weekend and I cannot wait. He and I haven't taken a trip together in quite a while. We're going to Knoxvegas next weekend for his 20 (HE'S OLD!) year class reunion and I'm excited about that, too. Nashvegas has awesome GLBT clubs and I hope we have the energy after the pool party on Saturday to go out.

That's pretty much it. I wasn't kidding when I said nothing was happening. No drama, no freakouts, no fights, no insanity. I'm meeting Exhusband next week to endorse the check from the sale of the house...whoo hoo! That joker finally sold. I'm not thrilled about meeting him but what the hell...the house sold. We broke my stuff with Godzilla last week. I've been spending almost every day since school let out at the pool, getting a tan.

I *really* wasn't kidding when I said it's been pretty tame. Next week, though, I'm sure, will be nuts.

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