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Wednesday, 09/26/2007 - 10:56 p.m.

There's a nurse at work that calls me "Michelle", every day all day. I don't know if she never bothered to learn my name or if she knows my name and doesn't care or if she really thinks my name is Michelle. We do have a Michelle, who is tall and black. I am neither tall nor black. Or named anything that sounds like "Michelle". I have no idea what she calls the real Michelle.

Someone at work saw the Boy's picture on my locker and said "Isn't he cute! Is that your son?". Hee. I am proud to say I didn't blurt out "No, but sometimes he calls me 'Mommy'!" or anything else embarrassing.

DC is working all weekend so I've been trying to spend lots of time with him before then. I think his relationship with Tinydancer is slowly dying down from what it was and I'm trying to be supportive. It's sad to see the infatuation stage pass, especially since all the kinky things they had in common aren't going to come to pass. He's started chatting with someone else local who is a geek like him. I asked him if this was a midlife crisis and he said he wasn't sure. I asked him if he felt neglected here at home and he said that wasn't it either.

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