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Friday, 01/16/2009 - 2:48 p.m.

When I was a teenager and still living at home with the Queen, we used to play "What The Hell Is This?" when cleaning out the refrigerator. There would be leftovers that turned different colors, had made their own gravy, stank to high heaven, etc. I am slightly alarmed to say I played my own version of that game this morning called "How Green Is This Bread?" when I wanted toast. If I keel over dead, at least DC will know where to start looking for the culprit.

It's 20 degrees outside, which is frickin' cold for the South. All the cats slept with me last night but I know they were just using me for my electric blanket. I had it jacked up to 8 for a little while and I rarely turn it up above 4. I have errands to run today and I do not want to go outside. I want to get back in my warm bed and finish the first season of "24".

The Curse departed after 24 fucking days. Which means it will start up again in about a week. Awesome. Get your uterus-burning machine ready, Dr. Fabuuuulous, because here I come.

I had a dream about booze. I was in a swanky bar with a bunch of people from "work" altho I don't know any of these people in real life. The bar had a shot combo, 3 little shots served in fancy glass bottles that looked like perfume bottles. I had "Nose to Poison" which was poison green in color, but it smelled divine and tasted divine and got you drunk almost immediately hence the name. After I drank it, a "co-worker" chick's boyfriend went nuts and started screaming at her. I heard her voice in my head running down the list of injuries she had suffered at his hands over the years. Then I heard *his* thoughts on why he beat her and mistreated her. I'm pretty sure this is a direct result of Nickelback's "Savin' Me" video that I watched yesterday. Dude and dude only can see people's life clocks ticking down and once he saves chickie's life, *she* can then see the life clocks ticking down. I said out loud after the video, "OMG! What a curse! To see all those clocks tick down and know you can't save them all. How terrible! Like Cassandra.". And then I go and dream about hearing people's thoughts. Bizarre.

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