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Wednesday, 04/08/2009 - 11:00 p.m.

I've been taking a lot of hydrocodone so the days just sort of float by. No wonder people like drugs.

On Friday I had a follow-up appointment about my bladder infection since there was E. coli in my wee. While I was there I mentioned that my shoulder was bothering me (beating ass is hard on the joints!) and she poked and prodded and said I had bursitis. My left shoulder has bothered me for years - this is the same one my chiro said had rotator cuff issues. Now Cutie Nurse is saying bursitis. Either way, a week of cortisone steroids fixed me right up. The hydrocodone was prescribed for the ablation but my shoulder was so bad I was taking it for that. I won't be beating ass again until late April and I'll be babying the arm until then. Ice packs are the bomb.

The munch and rollerderby were Saturday and both were *awesome*. Goth Butthole resurfaced after 6 months, unfortunately, but he behaved himself. I was hoping he'd crawl back under his rock and stay there but no such luck. The Gang of Six (as I've been calling the 3 of us and the Glitter Kids and Dre) went to roller derby and then out to eat and laughed our asses off as usual.

I got my new crown Tuesday finally and found out what's going on at Dr. Hottie's office. There's been fuckery and screw-ups and confusion every time I've called or arrived for an appt this year. She and her partner are splitting up the practice and everyone is mad at everyone else. It all makes sense now. If the deities smile upon the Fat Girl I won't have to go back until my cleaning in Sept. and by that time the breaking-up should all be over.

DC and I got to do the big one, after being celibate for a week and a half. He was ready to chew nails and I was getting that way. I forget how healing and rejuvenating sex is until I can't have any.

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