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Friday, 09/15/2006 - 12:00 p.m.

We christened DC's new bed last night and it was spectacular. He also agreed in the near future to go in for a physical. We had a knockdown-dragout fight before I left for work yesterday over his back hurting (and the old "it's hard to take you seriously when every pain is the worst pain you've ever been in" argument) and I stomped out mad. Being gone for 8 hours helped cool both of us off and we talked like grownup civilized people when I got home from work. So he'll go in for the physical and we'll deal with whatever the doc finds. It's not normal for someone's joints to ache constantly and cause pain constantly and I'd like to find out why, if there is a why. If there's no why, then we'll deal with that, too. I just want to be able to say we tried every way we could to find a cause.

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