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Thursday, 09/09/2010 - 5:40 a.m.

Yeah, I've totally fallen down on the blog thing. I've been "meh" lately and have no idea what to write down to save for all eternity and what to just let go and forget about.

Backstory about the following conversation that happened today: There is a church here in town that has a gigantic Statue of Liberty in the yard, holding the tablet things in her left hand and a big-ass cross in her right, that offends me every time I have the misfortune to see it. There is also quite a bit of neon lettering across the front of the church that says "Liberty Through Jesus Christ". DC and I were stopped at the red light in front of the church.

Me: That statue offends the crap out of me every time I see it.

DC: I know.

Me: Good lord. Oh, and there's also neon up that I think says "Liberty Through Jesus Christ".

DC: Neon? Neon on a church?

Me: Yes, because Jesus preferred the medium of neon to get his word out.

DC: {laughs}

Me: I'll bet you also didn't know that at the Last Supper, Jesus was overheard to say, "'Let's bling this bitch up, yo.'".

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