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Sunday, 11/22/2009 - 5:52 p.m.

Thank you, FetLife, for being a big ol' pervert junction. I found a group on there yesterday about NCIS that has links to Gibbs/Abby/Tony porn and I'm about to go blind. Holy crap. I've been reading steadily and my desk chair will never be the same again, that's for damn sure.

I worked the door last night at the club and a whole bunch of stuff was going on. It was Awards night and I won Ms. Impact for the 2nd time. I also won the Ace Award, which is the yearly award for the person who's done the most for the BDSM community that year. I cried like a big weenie. Partly because I won and it's a big deal. The other part was because how the winner is decided - people have to nominate you and give reasons why they think you should win. Some of the emails about me were read aloud and I never in my wildest dreams thought people said stuff like that about me. So I cried like a big weenie. I talk about throwing the towel in sometimes, with the Munch and the Tuesday meetings (and I'm still pissed over Tupelo), but I do know what I do is important and it does pay off down the road.

We also bought new toys and they're frickin' *fabulous*. I think they were a little over-priced but we got a good deal. We now have Mr. Bunny, which is a super soft bunny fur flogger and Ms. Minky, a super soft mink flogger. We also have the Evil Motherfucker - it's 10 strands of hard, round, rubber-tipped leather. DC insisted we needed it and now regrets it. Sucks to be you, Muffinpants. I rather like it, after being whipped across my upper chest and the tops of my boobs with it. And the other flogger is just a plain ol' purple thudder.

I am right as rain after being beaten with the new toys and then fucked stupid. Reading all that Gibbs porn got me torqued up and DC finished me off *well*.

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