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Saturday, 08/02/2008 - 7:05 p.m.

My ex-husband's wife said a long while ago that Napoleon Dynamite was sort of a bad movie, that people told their friends it was a good movie in order to trick their friends into watching it. I now have a serious crush on Jon Heder, though.

The Munch was *awesome*! We had a spectacular crowd and a bunch of new faces. Peeve and 16Candles brought flowers that TinyE has been eyeballing all afternoon. Some asshole is giving out Munch info to complete strangers so now I have to track down who it is. That was the only mar on the day. It seems like quite a lot of folks are going to the dungeon as well.

It's time to beat some ass. Except the Strawberry cancelled (bless her heart!), DC is not as "down" as he has been all week, and the Boy hurt himself mowing his yard. Bitches.

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