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Friday, 02/01/2008 - 11:45 p.m.

As tickled as I am to say the Munch has been around a decade and counting, some days I really want to throw in the towel and let it go under. No more stupid questions from stupid people who want to know why they can't wear their full head to toe leather Official Gimp Outfit to a family restaurant, or who want to walk thru the place swinging a flogger, or who want to know why they can't hit on anything breathing with a pulse. *sigh* No more dealing with restaurants that want deposits or won't let us have separate checks and no more having to be discreet. Alright...I'm just a whinypants. Enough of that.

I did a back yesterday like a pro! Yay me! I hate ortho hips and knees, but I'm starting to really like neurology. Brains scare me but at some point I will have to go somewhere that does cranies. Spines aren't bothering me any more, though, and that's progress.

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