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Monday, 04/22/2008 - 1:13 a.m.

It's a Monday all over. Work was *nuts* and I was so glad to leave. There's a guy my mother works with that upsets her so much she has to throw up when she spends any kind of time with him. I'm getting to that point with the Devil's Concubine. I don't cry before I go to work, but I'm starting to dread going. It's definitely time to get out.

My mother-in-law's cat died last week. He slipped into a coma after he climbed on her bed while she was asleep and when she woke up he was gone. DC has been reading her email to the White Booger and telling her that's how she needs to do it when she dies.

We're still cheating on her diet big time but she won't eat any of the low protein stuff and we both agreed not to force her. She's eating and drinking well, and very active and playful. I watch her for signs of being pitiful but so far so good.

After the day I had, bedtime will be very soon.

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