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Thursday, 04/19/2007 - 12:20 p.m.

No, I didn't snap and kill DC. Altho you might want to stay tuned.

For the first time in a year (as a student then an employee) I had an incorrect count. Some of the circulators laugh at me and think I'm paranoid when I insist on counting after some procedures, like D&Cs or laparascopic cases, but up until last night my counts have always been correct. So I counted last night and we were one raytec short. The X-ray was clean so it wasn't in the patient. We tore the room apart and still didn't find it. "Unresolved count" with my name on it goes up the chain of command today and I'm irked.

There's a reason it gripes my ass no end for someone else to set up my cases and this is why. However, sometimes you have to roll out of one room, take your instruments to decon, run to change your mask, and roll right into another room so someone else *has* to set up for you. It's my own fault for not taking a count myself but the whole point of someone else setting up and counting for you is so you can just scrub right in and get going. Feh.

Lesson learned.

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