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Monday, 01/25/2010 - 1:55 a.m.

In a pinch, a peppermint can be substituted for a dollop of BenGay after semi-non-consentual buttsex.

I did indeed cane the BirdKid within an inch of his life and it was *fabulous*. I had to wait on him almost 2 hours so by the time he got there (after socializing with some of the dregs of humanity) I was completely out of the mood. Fortunately, he was mouthy enough for me to find my "I'm going to hurt you a LOT" groove again. He cried and all was right in our universes.

There was a management meeting as well this weekend about club bizness and we got a lot of stuff fleshed out for the new year. With a minimum of squabbling, I might add, so yay us.

This week has to be better than the past 2 weeks of the crud.

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