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Saturday, 08/02/2008 - 2:43 a.m.

The Strawberry had an absolute crap day and I invited her for caramel pie about 10 tonight and it worked out so well. Sometimes spontaneous is good. I think she's going to have to cancel on me for assbeating-jerkoff-playtime and I'm bummed. I know she needs it badly and I'm worried she's just going to snap under all the stress she's having to deal with. Feh.

I made eclair pie to take to the dungeon, partially for the Munch anniv. and partially because it's a nice treat. I made a small one for the Boy for his birthday that he doesn't have to share.

I'm not sure how DC's date went since I left for pie after he was already gone and he was passed out asleep when I got home. I really really *really* want to go nudge him to see if I need to comfort him but it'll piss him off if I wake him out of a sound sleep. Feh. If he needs me he knows to come get me. I'll just peek in one more time before bed.

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