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Monday, 01/05/2009 - 6:19 p.m.

One of the things we did on New Year's Day was clean out one of the Boy's closets. It had all his ex's shit in it, including leather jackets, silk shirts and pants, tons of older clothes and clothes with the tags still on them. We ended up with 9 bags of clothes and 1 of shoes.

We also found his old Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. I thought "Alright! This is more my speed!" since I suck at drums and guitar on Rock Band, and at guitar on Guitar Hero. I also sucked at the Wii games we played with Carrie and Weaz. We played the hell out of some Mario & Luigi when we were all kids so I figured it would be just like riding a bike. Ummm, no. Apparently I'm a retard at Mario, too, dammit. That hasn't stopped me from playing it every day, though, and having a good time. DC laughs his ass off at my expense while I cuss and scream and tell Luigi he's a dirty ratbag dago so win-win.

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