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Friday, 10/23/2009 - 2:40 a.m.

So there was a work/decorating party at the club on Wednesday to get ready for the Black Ball and the Glamazon was there, asking about costume ideas. She is an over-6 feet tall black woman who was complaining about the lack of dead black female celebrities, since it's come as your fave movie monster or dead celebrity.

Glamazon: Fat Girl, I'll ask you. Can you think of any dead black female celebrities?
Me: Dorothy Dandridge.
G: Besides her? Anyone else?
Me: You could go as Hattie McDaniel.
G: Who the hell is that?
Me: Mammy from Gone With the Wind.
G: {gives me the "Eat hot death look"}
Me: {laughs hard enough to hurt myself}
G: Who else, dammit?
Me: Butterfly McQueen.
G: Who in the hell is that?
Me: Practice saying "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies, Miz Scawlett".
G: Racist. {grins}
Me: {laughs ass off again}

Cut to today:

DC: The Bird Kid is going to look damned good if he can pull off his makeup. Maybe I won't win the costume contest after all.
Me: Speaking of costumes, did you hear me and the Glamazon discussing costume ideas for her?
DC: Oh, god. No, I didn't.
Me: {recaps the above conversation}
DC: You're going to hell.
Me: No, the hell part is I thought of someone else dead, black, and female. Esther Rolle.
DC: Who is that?
Me: The mama from Good Times.
DC: Straight to hell.

And I always thought Willona's name on that show was "Bologna". I couldn't figure out why anyone would name their kid "Bologna".

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