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Sunday, 05/07/2006 - 2:32 p.m.

Thursday was a crap day. I dropped all kinds of stuff in the floor but I recovered fast, which sort of helped. Dr. C was very understanding and nice about me dropping stuff and that also helped me recover. Friday was the best day out of all 3, though. I was paired up with Val and Frieda and they totally kick ass. They were also super nice to the new guy, and very patient. The 2 drs on my last case of the day are the best I've worked with and I'm going to try my best to be in their room again.

My preceptor and I got off to a rocky start over a major screwup I did, but we seem to be rolling much smoother now. I haven't repeated said screw-up so that helps. We also haven't been on any cases together yet.

DC and I haven't had sex much this week because we're both so worn out when we get home, but we made up for it yesterday. Either his meds are not as effective as they used to be, or he's just stressed more than normal these past 2 weeks. I told him some of it is his daily routine has changed by me not being able to meet him for lunch like I used to and by him getting home first on a couple of days and me not being here as usual. So we took a time out yesterday just for us and cuddled and talked and had nasty mean sex. YAY! He left about 8:15 to meet his girlfriend, so the Boy and I had nasty mean sex, too. YAY! We went to the Flame later because it's cheaper than Backstreet and we really wanted to dance, but the Flame lost its mind sometime after our last visit. It's *terrible*. We stayed all of 35 minutes. Feh. The Boy said next time we'll just pony up the money and go to Backstreet first.

It's a lazy Sunday morning at our house. DC is still with his girlfriend and I'm going to drag the Boy back to bed. Whoo hoo!

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