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Wednesday, 03/10/2010 - 9:54 p.m.

Christian Kane is my new boytoy - he's just in denial right now. Jesus Gawd, he's fine.

Newcomer Night was jam-packed Saturday and I'm so tickled it's taken off like it has. I got to beat the hell out of the Bird Kid as well and left him drooling and speechless. Win-win. He also asked me about the Mal situation and offered to challenge him to a duel over my honor. I said my honor was intact; it was my feelings that were hurt, but I thanked him for the offer nonetheless.

The Tuesday night meeting was yesterday and it was really enjoyable. That might have something to do with the margarita sampler I had but I think it was mostly the company. We're going back to meeting every month for 2010 and see what happens.

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