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Thursday, 07/10/2008 - 6:31 p.m.

1 ambien + 2 tylenols + 2 rolaids + 4 melatonin = coma. I conked out at midnight and slept until 2 this afternoon. Amen.

DC took it much better than I expected yesterday. He started slamming shots of Gentleman Jack like they were water, though, and I'm sure that staved off the hysteria. I was surprised he could even walk. He's doing well today, too.

We're going to the Roller Derby this weekend and I'm so excited! Some of those girls are hot and some scare me. Carrie is trying out for the team and I'm tickled for her. If I had 2 good knees I'd try out, too.

I have a lunch date with the Strawberry tomorrow that we just made. What a nice surprise for Friday.

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