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Tuesday, 02/23/2010 - 1:26 a.m.

It was Love Hurts weekend at the club - the gothic/dark Valentine's Day party and it was kick-ass. I was working the door so I got my social fix without being cornered and stuck with anyone. I made sure I spoke with everyone as well when I was off the door, whether I liked them or not, but kept moving so I didn't get trapped. Poor Nigel got stuck with some sketchy people so I made sure to sit with him for a little bit. It was one of the best theme nights in quite a while. Newcomer Night is taking off like gangbusters as well and it's turning out to be a big night, too. Gods willing, the club will make it through 2010.

The Boy was in town briefly on his way to Houston and got to come to the club for a little while. He'll be in town next weekend for jury duty and I'm pretty sure I'll be beating the crap out of him Saturday night. There are new floggers he hasn't met yet.

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