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Wednesday, 08/05/2009 - 11:58 p.m.

So much stuff this past week! The Munch anniversary was this past weekend and we had a ton of folks. There was a bondage demo at the club Saturday night and a ton of folks turned out for that as well. DC and the Boy beat the everloving crap out of me (YAY!) and I didn't realize how badly I needed it until it was all over.

The baby shower from hell had been stressing me out for almost 2 solid weeks. I was as calm as a Hindu cow on Sunday, though, after the ass beating. The actual shower turned out *extremely* well; it was all the days up to it that sucked donkey balls. Aunt Chatterbox kept neither of the other hostesses in the loop of info and I didn't know that until I called them, 2 days before the shower. Neither had an accurate headcount, despite Aunt Chatterbox reassuring me over and over that she was passing that info along. Argh. I went nuts on presents for Mr. Baby (because despite the doc saying for months it's a girl, it's a boy) and I got to feel him move a couple of times. After the shower the family stayed because this was the first time in a *long* time all my cousins were under the same roof. I invited DC and the Boy over as well, and we got to meet LadyA's new beau, who looks a little like Michael J. Fox. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights, poor thing, but he loosened up towards the end of the night.

As we got home, DC said "No more showers - fuck that. You tell your aunt you won't do it again.". But...I know I will because they're my frickin' family. LadyA, the Wolfman (LadyA and Weaz's brother) and/or Tattoo may have babies one day. DC is convinced my little sister, who is almost 15, will be having babies any time now. I said she'd be too busy doing drugs to sleep around.

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