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Friday, 08/22/2008 - 11:57 p.m.

My shit is officially freaked yet again. I finally got to see Natural Born Killers and I still have the shakes. I had to stop almost at the end to go do kitty litter and shower because I needed a little break from all the insanity. Parts of it were really frickin' good but Stone could have trimmed 30 mins or so and still had a kick-ass movie.

The Strawberry is coming over (at least that's the plan) in a couple of weeks for what I termed "Big Nasty Orgy". DC is going to drive me absolutely batshit in that time frame, worrying about how to act. He's gotten over his initial jealousy, thank you deities, but a whole new set of bullshit will pop up about how to act. He's such a goober when it comes to women he really likes. This will be the first time all 3 of us have ganged up on someone and *I* have faith it will all go well.

The memorial is tomorrow and I've mixed feelings about it. I don't particularly want to grieve in front of some of these people and I don't particularly want to see theirs, either. I am looking forward to seeing some of them, tho, regardless of the occasion. I made sure I got my fingers and toes done, and my eyebrows are fabulous. LJ would understand completely.

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