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Wednesday, 11/05/2008 - 1:25 p.m.

Obama's black?! The hell you say! Can you get the hell off the color of his skin, America, and focus on, oh, I don't know, maybe something important like how he's going to run the country? You know, his policies and stuff? I didn't vote for him because he's black; I voted for him because I liked his stance on the war in Iraq and on abortion, and I'm not real crazy about his stance on same-sex marriages but his view was better than McCain's. Enough politics.

Sunday night DC said he needed some play time too, but he wasn't entirely sure what kind. So I marched him off to my room and bit the bejeezus out of him and made him cry. YAY! Monday night he said he needed a little more and would I help him out. Would I! I got the hood, blindfold and bondage mittens and he suggested ear plugs as well. Alrighty then. So I got him all snug as a bug and didn't even hurt him. I didn't have to. I petted his head and his face and he just melted down into my bed. I *had* to fuck him all helpless and pliable like that and it was probably the best BDSM sex we've ever had. Normally he can be "horny" or "submissive" but not both at the same time so whoo hoo! The hood and mittens were so worth the money. When all was said and done and we were equals again, he tried to express what he needed from me, BDSM-wise. He hemmed and hawed and blushed and I finally said, "A little less lovey, a little more condescendey?". He apparently wants me to talk to him like you would your dog or cat, like he's "less than" and pat him on the head like you would your not-so-bright child. Well, OK. I've actually enjoyed doing that for a while but felt a little guilty about it until now. Here's a man with a genius IQ who can discuss physics and mechanics and crap like that, and here's me patting him on the head saying in a sweetsy tone of voice, "That's a good husband". He's happy, I'm happy, and it works so I'm not going to jack around with it.

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