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Monday, 07/24/2006 - 8:55 p.m.

The weekend was awesome! We celebrated graduation and my birthday and it was the best. Dinner at the steak house was absolutely divine...even picky eater DC closed his eyes in ecstasy over his food. I teared up over dinner because I'm a mushy wuss. I never ever would have made thru school (especially clinicals) without DC and the Boy.

Sex on Sunday topped the sex on Friday. I love my piggie tail, no matter what I may say.

Today was the last day of school...holy crap. I cannot believe 13 months just zipped by. I finished with an A, thank you, deities, and I cannot wait for the grad ceremony. I go for my physical and pee test on Thursday, and I hope the background check is either finished or at least started by this point. We've discussed money and shifts and who I report to, and now all I need is someone actually saying "You're hired". I'm still kind of stunned so many people stopped me to ask if I'd put in an application yet, and I'm definitely stunned at how many people told me they wanted me to work there. Wow.

Paul starts next Monday at the big B and I'm so excited for him. They're expecting another baby, too, so I'm doubly excited. I'm closer to him than probably anyone else from my class. He's my dude.

The reality of being done with school hasn't set in yet. It will tomorrow when I can sleep in but right now I feel slightly guilty for not working on a paper or studying or washing scrubs for class.

Wow. A whole new world starts tomorrow.

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