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Sunday, 09/27/2009 - 7:28 p.m.

Even though the previous entry makes the past week look like the week from hell, it really wasn't. Maybe I feel like that because I was in a drug-induced haze for 3 days of it BUT DC and I didn't fight after Monday, he didn't cry after Monday, and he didn't drink after Monday. He also got to enjoy all of his weekend without worrying about the damn on-call phone ringing.

I beat the snot out of the Bird Kid without the repeat of him passing out, amen. He rode with us to the club since he's usually a blithering mess when we're done and last night was no exception. He's said repeatedly that on a pain scale of 1 being a pansy wuss and 5 being a hardcore masochist pig he was a solid 2.5 or so. I held back the first couple of times we played because I didn't want to push him too far and hard too fast, based on his "pain tolerance". 2.5, my big butt. It's all in the warm-up. I pulled out the big guns last night, the big whompy thing and the rubber slapper and the squid whip. I didn't get to use the rubber slapper so next time for that. I gnawed on his back some and didn't that irritate the piss out of my jaw and sore tooth? I'm paying for that today but it was so worth it. He babbled and giggled with DC on the way home so yay us. I have a massive crush on him - partly because he reminds me of DC, partly because he reminds me of the Boy, and the rest is all Bird Kid. He raises the maternal-give-him-cookies-and-pat-his-head feelings and the hurt-him-until-he-cries feelings, too. He's soft and sissy-girly and sensitive, and it's enormously hot to torment him because of that. There's serious chemistry between us and I want to see where it leads.

Then there's Mal. I'm not sure what to make of him. He's smart and funny and gorgeous, and I can't read him for crap. Feh. He doesn't give me that "I'm-vulnerable-hurt-me-a-lot" vibe and hasn't done anything so far to trigger my pain blood lust factor. I did watch him play and was invited to run my nails down him a little, which helped me see him as someone to hurt and slap around. I want there to be chemistry but you can't force what's not already there. I need to sit down with him one on one to pick his brain and see if that helps the situation.

I slept in super late and feel better for it. I'm going to call Dr. Hottie tomorrow and see if my face should still be this sore. I know chewing on the Bird Kid didn't help any but damn. Having my face mashed down into my pillow during sex earlier didn't help any, either, but I didn't give a crap at the time. Hee.

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