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Friday, 02/08/2008 - 1:45 a.m.

I gave the Devil's Concubine a ride home from work tonight. My karma is up so high I could mow down a bus full of blind crippled orphans with puppies and still get into heaven. I also got a small insight into the kind of person she is and while I still pretty much hate her, I feel some serious pity for her. She was absolutely terrified that I was going to the ATM at 9:30 at night *alone*. She just couldn't believe I would go alone and she said she'd not ever be brave enough to do that. Alrighty then.

DC went to the Divine Miss M and CT's for dinner and to work on their computer. I called him when I dropped off the Devil's Concubine and they invited me over, too. So I snotted on their baby. I didn't mean to, but she's just so gorgeous and so smart and I'm so glad she's here. The odds of her being conceived *and* carried to term were mind blowing and it's a miracle she's here. DC, the Boy and I visited them all in the hospital when she was born and I cried then, too. She didn't know me from Adam tonight but she climbed in my arms like she'd known me forever and I snotted up. I got good night sugar, too. I volunteered to babysit any time they needed me to and I'm already working out games we can play.

I'm going to attempt salsa dancing this weekend at a local bar. One of our nurses teaches group classes on Saturday nights and invited us all to go so a group of us from work are going. I have leather soled shoes I can do turns in and I hope DC and the Boy will go with me.

Let's hope my karma carries over until Monday.

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