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Thursday, 06/24/2010 - 4:30 p.m.

Jersey Shore Name Generator

If I use my real name, I am "The Good Time".

If I use my BDSM scene name, I am "The Rack".

How the hell did it know?!

In other news, I'm getting geared up for Saturday night and I'm nervous as fuck. My bondage demo went well last year, though, and I was nervous about that, too. I'm doing the play piercings and I have sterile gloves, sterile needles, 2 big sharps containers and enough rubbing alcohol to kill Kitty Dukakis. I still have to get tiny corks for the ends of the needles in case anyone wants to walk around wearing them.

I'm excited, too, because I'm a blood freak *and* this is a chance to show folks in a controlled safe environment that needles are not the boogeyman everyone thinks they are. Nervous, however, is winning.

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