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Wednesday, 08/27/2008 - 1:12 a.m.

The Strawberry wrote in her blog about buttsex and so I've had it on my mind today.

Big Nasty Orgy is a go for next weekend and since this is my blog and my imagination, I'd like to do forced buttsex. I want DC to choke her with his dick until she froths at the mouth (that thick slimy kind of spit...all you cocksuckers that read this know exactly that kind of spit) and his cock is covered in it. The Boy and I hold her face-down-ass-up and DC just rams his dick in her ass to the hilt while she squeals and cries. And then I magically come my brains out. A lot. *sigh*

And back in realityland, not only is that a huge breach of trust but it would also harm her to the point of a trip to the ER. Not to mention what it would do to her mentally.

It's still hot, though. DC and I have been torqued up all night, plotting and planning ways to sexually use the Strawberry. So after round two tonight, I called red. If our sex life was any better, I would die. Just flat-out die from all the dick.

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