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Thursday, 01/05/2006 - 6:55 p.m.

Hot Chinese mustard + pot stickers + a nap = serious indigestion + popping Rolaids like they're candy. Feh. They were gooooooood, though.

Lab today was the *best* so far; it even outshone yesterday's lab. *NO* one acted like a twerp or a prima donna. Everyone helped clean up, wrap towels, dress/undress someone, glove/deglove, take out trash, etc. In 230 and 240, we will be divided up into teams of a surgeon, ST, anesthetist, and circulator and we'll have to run a case as a cohesive, cooperative team. I was worried about that until today. If we can all act like we did today, those exercises will be cake. Whoo hoo!

The dungeon trip is this weekend and I cannot wait. I've been practicing in my GFYS boots and I'm pretty sure, while not graceful, I won't break my ankles. Assbeatings for all!

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