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Wednesday, 08/11/2010 - 12:23 a.m.

I got on the scale today and I'm down 18 pounds. To test the scale's accuracy I made Nigel (who fluctuates between 115 and 118, the bitch) get on it and it said 118. So even for a cheapie scale, it's pretty accurate. The litmus test will be a pair of capris that I dearly love and haven't been able to zip in over a year. If I can even get those jokers buttoned, I'll really know I've lost weight.

Nigel helped me (and by "helped" I mean he did most of it) hang new curtains in the living room and lower the ones that cover our built-in bookcases. Lowering the bookcase curtains left a gap at the top but Nigel put silk ivy up and it all looks fabulous. Now all I have to do is finish sorting the big box of crap that's left and it will look like people actually live here. And we've only been here 5 friggin' years. Heh.

I have 4 dozen "Thank Yous" to send out and about 7 bouquets of flowers to have delivered. The memorial for DC's mama last Thursday where she worked was phenomenal. Absofuckinglutely phenomenal and most of the flowers are for the folks who did the memorial.

DC will be home Thursday or Friday, depending on if he wants to drive straight through or not. Amen.

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