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Thursday, 06/15/2007 - 12:53 a.m.

At least I cop to it from the get-go so no one is surprised later. But I'm not always a horrible person; only today, for example.

I love love *love* it when sanctimonious religious "marriage is such a holy revered union that it should be a man and a woman ONLY" twerps get divorced. I'm not happy they're divorcing (because going thru one sucks wide and large and is pretty much terrible) but because the hypocrisy is out in the open at that point. If marriage is such a sacred (heterosexual) union that it must be kept away from those hellbound dykes and fags, then why the hell did you not bust your butt to honor yours and stay married like the good little Christians you say you are?

In happier news, I dodged the Evil bullet tonight *and* have a gigantic reddish-pink rose sitting on my desk, so today turned out to be my day after all. YAY!

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