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Wednesday, 08/18/2010 - 9:28 p.m.

It was the kind of butt sex that made my thighs quiver afterward. My hips were on fire, too, from having my legs thrown in the air for so long. I came hard enough to squeeze his dick soft but he managed to come anyway. While he was taking a quickie shower to wash the lube off, I jerked off really fast. My left hand was frozen in a claw when I was done because I was squeezing the Eroscillator so hard. My right hand was frozen in a "v" from spreading my pussy open so wide. Both hands got the shakes hard enough to make my biceps ache. He came strutting in (and really, he had earned the right to strut - it was magnificent butt sex), snapped on a glove, and rammed a wad of peppermint balm up my mostly raw and definitely swollen asshole. Then the world went gray around the edges and I was off in buttwhoreland, semi-comatose. I laid there for 5 minutes or 15, I don't know, lost in my own head, quivering and twitching.

Wedding rehearsal on Friday? Bring it on.

Rehearsal dinner with 30 people I don't know? Shit, yeah.

Wedding on Saturday? Boom, baby.

I'm as calm as a Hindu cow, bitches. Hit me with your best shot.

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