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Friday, 09/25/2009 - 11:53 p.m.

We went to the Glitter Kids' last Saturday night and had a ball. I laughed so hard my sides hurt on Sunday. I'm bananas about those kids.

DC had to go into work on Sunday night and was mad at the world about that.

On Monday, DC quit his job. He came home mad at the world, as usual, and screamed and drank and cried. I told him that we'd hit critical mass and that he should go in Tuesday and give notice. He ranted and screamed at me (which I'd had all I wanted of that bullshit) and said "What should I do? Call my mother and ask for money to live on?" and I said that was a great idea. So he screamed some more about how he couldn't ask her for money and drank some more. I decided that as soon as he left for work Tuesday morning that I was going behind his back to call her and beg for money. He cried some more and drank some more and finally called her. I won twice in the mother-in-law gamble, lemme tell you. My former MIL is an absolute doll and I didn't think I'd ever get a sweetheart like her again but I was wrong. All DC's mama said was "Tell me how much and I'll write you a check". No strings, no gloating, no being nasty about having to be bailed out by the Bank of Mom - just tell me and I'll help. Holy shit. My mother would give it to us, of course, too, if she had it but my father would hold it over our heads forever that he had to bail us out. Which is why he's a dick and we'd eat cat food before we asked him for anything. So DC emailed in his 2 week notice right then and there.

Monday was also the day the Boy packed up his house and moved with the help of his father and brother. So Monday was a pretty big suckfest all the way around.

DC met with his boss and assistant on Tuesday to discuss it with them. No one was surprised that he was quitting. We had mind-blowing sex before bed and I couldn't function afterwards. Quitting, even in this economy, was the best move DC could have done.

On Wednesday I had the root canal from hell. And cried all over DC when he got home from work. And took a LOT of narcotic. The Boy came down from Knoxvegas to stay with us because he had to be in Podunk at the crack of dawn on Thursday for the carpet cleaners. I was stoned out of my mind and I'm sure I talked to him but I don't remember much.

I was lazy most of Thursday. Thank you, hydrocodone. Thank you, ice packs. Thank you, St. Elsewhere on Hulu. The Boy got back here about 3 and we took a nap. We went to my mother's later so the Boy could say goodbye to her and on the way DC said "Oh, by the way, Bossman asked me today what they could do to get to me stay a couple more weeks until AssistantMan can get caught up.". So the plan for the next 3 weeks is for AssistantMan to carry the on-call phone and for AssistantMan to only call DC if there was something AssistantMan can not figure out how to fix on his own. No one should be calling DC at all hours of the night any more and he shouldn't have to be going in to fix stuff at all hours of the night as well. DC volunteered to stay until after peak season was over (around Xmas) if and only if the arrangement with AssistantMan taking the on-call phone worked out over the next 3 weeks. I told him if he was OK with that plan I was OK with it, too.

Tonight is the first night AssistantMan has the on-call phone so we'll how it goes. DC is on a sleepover with EEG and I'm a single gal. The Boy had to be in Podunk this morning for the carpet installers and he was going straight to Knoxvegas from there. This morning was our last goodbye for a while but he'll be back in a couple of weeks so I can beat him at the club. I've run errands and gotten caught up on all the season openers of NCIS, CSI, and CSI NY via fancast. I have the next 4 episodes of season 1 X-Files to go to bed with.

I'm working the door at the club and beating the snot out of the Bird Kid tomorrow so I'm taking one last big whonk of painkiller tonight and going cold turkey. X-Files and drugs are going to make for some kick-ass dreams.

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