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Thursday, 06/12/2008 - 4:13 p.m.

So I have to go back into Dante's Inferno to pick up my last paycheck. The Associate Handbook (which is a big liar liar pants on fire) said I absolutely had to pick it up from HR. HR said absolutely not - "Why would we have to keep up with your final paycheck?" Because you're HR? Maybe you'd like to do my exit interview at the same time? *eye roll* I'll be doing an under-the-cover-of-darkness move by not picking it up until after 9 pm. Medium Boss, Asshat, *and* the Devil's Concubine should all be gone at that time. I'll get to gab with BethJane as well about a disturbing email I got from Gail. Apparently the mass exodus has started and management is bad-mouthing anyone who leaves. I'm not surprised they're bad mouthing but I *am* surprised they're doing it openly where the peasants can hear. I'll get the dish tonight, I hope.

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