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Monday, 08/08/2011 - 3:25 p.m.

Whose brilliant idea was it to move all our shit in the middle of summer? In a heat wave no less? Wait...that was me. Apparently I'm a dumbass.

I'm not nearly as stressed as I was about moving. My goal has been to move at least 2 boxes of crap or to hang pictures/curtains/paint every day and so far I've done that for almost 2 weeks consistently. The living room has (temporary) curtains so our neighbors can't look straight into our house from their front porch. My apt. bedroom is stripped - no altar, no curtains, no pictures, no diplomas, no wrought iron, nothing. My house bedroom looks fabulous, though. I bought a fantastic painting (I named her Wu) and she's the centerpiece on one of the walls. The altar is up as are all the curtains and valences, and a shitload of black wrought iron thingies. I've made some vinyl wall rub-on transfers in various Egyptian/Buddhist/Hindu/pagan shapes and Chinese kanji and they'll go up today. I bought actual stretched canvas and I'm painting very simple Asian-flavored companion pieces to go with Wu. And by "simple" I mean "they're total crap but the colors look good".

We ordered appliances and living room furniture on Friday. Aside from my bed that was bought brand-new 11 years ago, I've never had new furniture in my adult life. Everything in my first house was a hand-me-down from someone else, I brought it with me when I moved out of the Queen's, or Exhusband brought it with him when he moved down here. Our fridge, washer, and dryer were new, of course, but the couches, end tables, dresser, etc. were all secondhand from someone. A big chunk of it all came with me when he and I got divorced and some of it will move to the new house.

I should be packing up the kitchen but I'm here blathering instead. Heh. How the hell do two people end up with so much crap? We had an entire shelf of coffee mugs, I have two full containers of spatulas, ladles, wooden and plastic spoons, and assorted other cooking implements, about 5 cutting boards, my own set of really good knives, DC's set of so-so knives because he's not allowed to use mine, 2 different sets of measuring cups and spoons, and probably 18 baking dishes and mixing bowls of various sizes and shapes. Holy crap. Not to mention a crock pot, a waffle iron, a gigantic blender, 2 Cuisinarts (one small, one large), 2 electric mixers (one small, one large) and enough plastic gladware/tupperware to ruin a landfill all by itself. Oh, and probably 15 metal pots, pans, cookie sheets, and skillets all told. I cannot wait to have the room to actually cook cook again. I've even planned out our first real dinner in the new house, even though DC will only pick at his and Nigel probably won't eat any of it at all. Fussy food bitches.

Here I come, kitchen, ready or not.

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