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Monday, 07/26/2010 - 5:44 a.m.

DC's mama passed away about 1 am Sunday. He told me earlier on Saturday afternoon that this was day 3 of the projected "2-4 days" and that he felt like today was the day. So he spent the night in her room and sure enough it was the day. I asked him if he knew the winning lottery numbers too, because I'm sensitive and caring like that, and he just laughed.

So I went to the bridal shower glammed up and fabulous and didn't say a word about it. And had a ball - it was the perfect distraction.

I then made a pit stop at the Divine Miss M's to ask a favor and I sort of snotted on her and CT. She agreed to host the Munch in August if I'm not back yet since I really didn't want to cancel because it's the 13th anniversary. I also wanted to see the AngelBaby because that child could charm Satan himself out of a bad mood. She drew some pictures for DC (which are going to do more for him than any sympathy card ever could) and gave me lots of hugs and kisses to pass along.

Nigel, who gets the Sweetpea of the year award, got here before I did and bagged up all the garbage like I'd asked and basically let me run him into the ground trying to get the house in shape for me to leave. And then after we were all showered and clean, I cried for a 2nd time and snotted on his shoulder.

I had a little meltdown Saturday night as I was settling in for bed - I was bone weary after all the barfing, I missed DC something fierce, I was *still* crashing from my week with Nigel, I was nervous about the bridal shower, and I was so goddamn lonely. So I cried myself to sleep and it actually worked wonders. I felt really good when I got up Sunday morning.

So another mixed blessing day. The highlight came when DC was on his webcam trying to show me the specific blouse his mother wanted to wear because I knew which one it was. He walked out of the frame with the blouse and came back wearing her chemo wig and I laughed until I peed. We are sick, sick people.

This morning Nigel and I are going to wrangle the cat bitches into their carriers and schlep them to the vet. And then run the rest of the three thousand errands I have left to do before I leave.

I think I'm done with the crying for right now.

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