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Sunday, 12/06/2009 - 7:31 p.m.

So I didn't want to go the club last night because I just didn't care. No play date, having to socialize with the dregs of humanity, and I knew all the new people who swore up and down they'd attend were going to bail. Feh. We had 2 new people, though, so yay there, and Mal and I ended up playing.

He told me a month ago that he wanted to play with other people and I backed off. I was going to stay away until January - plenty of time for him to sack up and ask other folks to play. Yeah. Mr. Bashful is still bashful. He and I were standing around schmoozing, hinting around about playing and I finally said "You wanted to play with other people so I backed off. If you want to play with me, open your mouth and ask." and he did. Major progress for Mr. Bashful so yay him. I was afraid that I couldn't flog him like I wanted since he's taller than me but it's been remarked that apparently I worry over stupid crap. Heh. The first time he and I played is still the best but last night is second. He's so cold and distant and in control all the time that breaking into his shell is such a turn-on because there is a dark, sick, freaky-weirdo down in there. And I get to push his buttons and wind him up sometimes. Win-win. Since it was the first time I flogged him I took it easy. I'm sure he doesn't feel like I held back, since he's beat all to hell, but I really did hold back. We'll go farther next time for sure, especially since the height difference is not as bad as I thought.

Here lately going to the club has been a chore, not a pleasure. It felt really good to be swinging leather and it made me remember just how much fun flogging someone can be.

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