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Thursday, 10/12/2006 - 11:20 p.m.

Tomorrow is graduation and the only other day I've looked forward to as much is my wedding day to DC. OK, and that first date with Boy that set us in motion. My gown is hanging up so maybe possibly some of the wrinkles will fall out. I have my gold cord neck thing for Honors and I have my dress-up clothes ready to go. I'm doing the gray roots of death as we speak and I'll get a pedicure tomorrow. I'm so excited! This is a major milestone.

Nothing much other than that has been happening. We've been slammed at work and tonight is the first night in a week and half that we didn't have an OR running until 10 pm. I've been going to bed mostly on time and sleeping *hard*. An honest night's sleep for an honest day's work.

I'm sooooo excited about tomorrow.

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