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Saturday, 10/04/2008 - 9:30 p.m.

Even if you add some more sugar and lots of ice to the pre-mixed mojitos, they're still mostly undrinkable. Dammit. Maybe if I added some fresh mint it would help.

DC and I have been right up each other's noses since last night and will continue to be until he goes to work on Monday. Being gone for 6 days plus the whole airplane thing made us both realize we needed to be with each other before I left town. I told him should some sort of bullshit arise on the airplane I was going down fighting. It scares the crap out me to even think that might happen but if you're going to crash me into a building or hijack us to Cuba (or wherever terrorists go these days) I'm not going willingly. Feh.

On a non-morbid note, today's Munch was *awesome*. The Glitter Kids came back, (despite the creepy couple bothering them last time) and I was glad to see their faces. We had new faces as well, who were very funny and pleasant. Days like today make it all worthwhile to keep the Munch going.

I'm washing my sneakers for the trip right now and getting all snotty-nosed. DC just said "Don't be gay, Sparky" which is code for "don't cry". San Fran is on my list of places to visit before I die and I'm getting to go in a few days. I've been to Canada (which was gorgeous), Dallas, Washington D.C. several times including the Smithsonian, Denver, and Detroit. I've been to Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, New York, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and all over Tennessee. That's more places than some people will ever get to go in their lifetime. Most of them are places I never thought I'd get to go, either.

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