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Thursday, 03/01/2007 - 10:23 p.m.

So the bachelorette party went *really* well. The chick with the issues cancelled at the absolute (like 30 mins before dinner) last minute but it was OK. I knew 2 days before the outing I was the designated driver again. We went to an Indian place for dinner and if I never go there again my heart will not be broken. Indian goes on the list with Greek and Thai food. Carrie drank a lot of wine during dinner and after, so she was really loud at the sex stores. My fave quote from her was "WHY do all these dildoes have balls???!! Can someone answer me that? Why?", shouted at complete strangers. Security followed us around the store. She bought a crapload of stuff that's going to be a surprise to my cousin. We also had a serious discussion about the best buttsex lube because she knew I'd know the best kind. Hrrmmmm.

The club was killer. We were hoarse and our ears were all ringing but it was worth it. The show was great. About 2 am Carrie said she was going to be ill and wanted to be ill at her house, so she drunk-dialed my cousin. She's drunk off her ass, trying to give him directions to the club. So he came and got her, and LadyA and I went to dance. After 10 mins or so we were hit on by Miguel and Jesus. I told Jesus I was married and he said "Jess, but your huss-bahn is not weeth you now, so you meet my frien'." His friend introduced himself, asked my name, and immediately honked my fat roll. I don't know if he was aiming for my tit or my hip, but we didn't stick around to find out. LadyA by that time had also had a lot of alcohol and was hilariously funny. She spent the night on Carrie's couch because she was too drunk to drive.

I would love to do the club thing with them again but with the men along to be the designated drivers. We need a Cousin Outing and clubbing would be great.

It's been a semi-boring week. I twisted the retarded knee at work and have been limping for 2 days. It was a freak mis-step-wasn't-watching-where-I-put-my-foot-down thing. I have a neoprene knee brace I've been wearing under my scrubs and it's helped. I dread ever putting the Robo-Leg on again but I will this weekend if I have to. Feh.

The Munch is this weekend as is my date with little chickie. We're also taking my mother to the movies, which should be a great time.

Happiness is a warm bagel.

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