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Monday, 02/09/2009 - 12:40 a.m.

The Munch on Saturday was great! We had new people, who fit in so well with our group of smart asses, and some of the usual regulars who are always fun.

Roller Derby was *awesome*! NW, the Glitter Kids, and Dre came with us and we had a ball. I ran into several people I know on top of that. I crashed hard after we got home from dinner with them because it had been such a good adrenaline-fueled day. I dropped just like I do after a good night at the dungeon.

Dre and I went to the Divine Performance on Sunday and it was breathtaking. I warned Dre that if I started crying to not panic; I was just overwhelmed. The "Welcome to Spring" and "Flowing Sleeves" segments were my faves and I could watch stuff like that all day every day. I dropped again when I got home but I think I'm back on track today.

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