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Wednesday, 10/22/2008 - 11:59 p.m.

DC and I double teamed the Strawberry Saturday night and it was *damned* good. She's been in a funk lately and DC told her she needed her ass beat, even though she wasn't 100% sure about it. She met us at the dungeon and trusted us, so yay us. I sprung a bunch of new stuff on her, including the spandex hood and the big whompy slapper. She *loved* the hood and hated (I think) the new small paddle. DC groped and patted her to his heart's content and I just stood back and watched. It's been a million years since he and I ganged up on someone BDSM-wise and it took a bit to find our rhythm again. I bit the crap out of her shoulder and her butt ended up bruised. Everyone (and I mean *everyone*) came to watch us play, but whether it was because we were the only show in town or because we're so fabulous I don't know. We made her cry and took a breather before we sexually violated her. A lot. I *LOVE* being able to beat her til she cries and then fuck her.

The fucking part didn't go as smoothly as the beating part. We didn't have her restrained well enough and she head-butted DC and kicked me in the side of my head, twice. She came a bunch, which is all I can ask for, and we all had a great time, injuries aside. I think Halloween will be a different non-injured story since DC and the Boy will both be there to hold her down. That works well so we're going with that. Hee.

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