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Monday, 05/26/2008 - 3:56 p.m.

I have to call the Queen in a little while because today is her birthday. I got her an appropriately blingy photo frame.

Tupelo was great! It was definitely worth the trip. I just wish BDR and ML would take the 5 minutes to email me and say "hey, we're not dead, just run things any way you see fit" or something along those lines. I feel like I'm stepping all over their toes by making decisions without them but the interest in Tupelo Munches has come back and I'm not willing to let that flounder.

The pee smell is finally gone, praise the gawds. We've doped the fur children up within an inch of their lives on kitty Elavil to make sure they're happy. Dr. Pam says since no one is ill, they're either mad or depressed, hence the Elavil. DC had it emulsified and I drop a little in their wet food every day. TinyE seems to really enjoy his happy meds. I hope my being home for the summer will also help the situation. I realized last night that we have no cat toys at all - no leather mice, no scratching posts, no mice on a stick, nothing. I'm going to fix that on Friday.

I'll also be going to a podiatrist (or somebody) on Friday because I have 10 toes and only 3 toenails. My little toes' nails fall off all the time and I never think anything about it. Nothing ever bleeds or is painful so I don't know I've lost a toenail unless I look. Yesterday one of my big toenails lifted right off and stank to high heaven. And the nail bed is brownish-yellowish-stinky-ish so it's past time to see a doctor. Whoops. I didn't realize how bad my feet are until that happened. I'm hoping mightily this is just fungus foot and not diabetes.

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