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Thursday, 06/26/2008 - 1:20 a.m.

I've had a serious crush on my chiropractor since I was 15. He's a good looking man on top of being a decent human being. I went to him because I was having jaw issues and headaches for no good reason. He fixed me right up and I didn't have go back for years, not until 6 or 7 years ago when I dislocated some ribs. He's the one who told me I have scar tissue in my ear canals and on my eardrums. He's also the one who listened to my chest and told me I had bronchitis, when I just thought it was a cold and he didn't like the way I was wheezing. He told me tonight that I've done something bad to my left rotator cuff and he can't do any more to help me with it. Originally it was plain old tendinitis and he could manipulate my shoulder some and all would be fine. Since I don't have 2 grand sitting around doing nothing, an MRI is not even feasible to see what exactly is wrong. He suggested physical therapy so I'm calling the same clinic that helped me walk right again after I fell down the stairs in 2003. I'll see what they have to say. Feh.

I did the wifely thing today and made orange-covered salmon for dinner. I was doing it from the memory of watching someone else prepare it and it turned out mostly good. DC's salmon was full of bones, though. He cleaned up the kitchen and kissed my head and thanked me for making dinner. I said "I'm a wop - food is love" and he said "Oh, no, pussy is love, not food. Remember that; pussy is love". I hurt myself laughing.

Chick Dinner is this weekend and I cannot wait! I have a month's worth of dirt to get caught up on about the Big M. We're meeting early enough that I can hang out with them for a couple of hours and still have time to get tarted up for the Auction.

I'm really excited about Auction, too. Last year I was so afraid of not being bid on at all and this year I can't wait to go up.

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