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Saturday, 03/15/2008 - 6:02 p.m.

I'm on call until 7 pm so I can't do much. So I've been playing Family Feud online. These were actual questions.

If Barbie needed some fast cash, what could she auction off quickly?

Her ass.

What might a woman leave a lipstick stain on?

A big fat cock.

What could you ride that might give you a sore behind?

My husband's dick.

What is the biggest event in a teenager's life?

Losing their virginity.

What do you wish people wouldn't do in your car?

Have sex.

Besides books, what might you buy in a bookstore?

Dirty magazines. (It accepted that answer.)

Name some place with uncomfortable seating.

A peep show booth.

Name something a kid will play with in the bathtub.

His dick.

No one wants me on national television giving *my* answers. Ha.

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