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Thursday, 08/14/2008 - 8:24 p.m.

I'm feeling better about the Strawberry situation. We have a lunch date for tomorrow and I can explain in more detail about my issues. An explanation may not help one fucking bit, but I can then honestly say I tried to make my feelings and motivations clear.

I have finally snapped back to my old self, sexually speaking. And it only took 2 whole months of being away from the big M. DC has absolutely forbidden me to get a job until after the trip to San Francisco but I'm still looking at the end of this month. "Looking for" and "getting" are still 2 different things so he can just suck it. He swears up and down he's OK with being the breadwinner for a while longer, as long as he has his wife back. The wife misses paychecks of her own, so there's that. Planned Parenthood is *still* hiring.

The weather is kicking my ass, one nostril at a time. My forehead is so full and heavy that it's slid down to touch the tip of my nose and my eyes are squinched up accordingly. Feh. I'm tempted to take a 3rd Zyrtec but I'll either go into a coma or be bouncing off the walls - not sure which one. If I drink a short Amaretto Sour before bed, hopefully the coma will win.

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