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Monday, 03/13/2007 - 12:06 a.m.

OK, so I got a lot of my eyebrows waxed off for the wedding. A *lot*. Which makes no sense to anyone who did not see my gargantuan brows before, but suffice it to say they went all the way out to my temple hairlines (albeit very lightly) and would come down my nose to the inside corners of my eyes in one big unibrow if I didn't tweeze the crap out of them every day since I was 12. OK, so the new brows coupled with my new MK eyeliner (it was a field test to see if it could handle 8 hours at work) did make me look a little different today. I broke Shell out for lunch today from a really long case and when the case was over, as we're breaking down the mayo and the back tables, she shrieks, "OMG!!! You're wearing makeup AND you got your brows done! You're so pretty today!".

I must look like absolute shit every day but today if a little eyeliner and waxed brows made that much of a difference. Holy crap.

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