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Tuesday, 05/12/2009 - 3:14 p.m.

Let's see...

Carrie and Weaz are having (probably) a little girl. I read their baby blog and cry; I am *SO* happy for them.

My husband and my aunt are having a long-distance affair totally with my knowledge and consent but it's still AWK-ward. He's over the moon about it, which is all that's keeping my awkwardness at bay. I'm not going to rain on his parade.

The Munch was really good Saturday and Roller Derby was even better Saturday night. I still sound like Vin Diesel, 3 days afterward, from all the screaming I did. I got called "sir" on the phone this morning...hee.

And Saint's Row is still my new thing. I have 40 of the 45 neighborhoods and I'm 70% done. Holy crap. I've not focused on a game this hard since Mob Rule and Rollercoaster Tycoon I & II.

My little sister's graduation from 8th grade (WTF?) is Saturday and we're going. The Dysfunctionals are paying for lunch, too, so yeah, free meal. It's sad that they have to bribe us with food to make their company tolerable.

Back to the housework grind.

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