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Thursday, 08/06/2009 - 12:19 a.m.

So there's a lot of new folks in our apartment building and they're all non-white. DC and I don't give 2 craps, of course, but everyone else here seems to be really perturbed. The guys across the hall, one white and the other non-white, have tangled with their neighbors (also non-white) who share the common wall. And by "tangled with" I mean 4 of the people who live in the back apartment tried to jump the white guy across the hall, who defended himself with a baseball bat. I ran into the non-white non-bat guy yesterday and while we lamented the lack of parking spaces now that the building is over-full, he said "Did you notice how our building has become the dumping ground for the ethnic undesirables?". His words, not mine. I said I didn't care what color anyone was; what was pissing me off is the *SIX* people crammed in the downstairs back apartment and the three people in the upstairs back apartment who all have cars and who all park in our lot.

The upstairs back apartment folks have tangled with our neighbor we share a common wall with, and have pissed her off no end. They've also pissed off the nice girl in the upstairs front apartment, who's already on edge because her husband is off in the war. The guys across the hall and the downstairs back apartment clan are constantly pissed off at each other. We're living in a pressure cooker and I hope like hell no one is armed. I'm still not 100% sure I want to move over the line into Mississippi, but I definitely want to get the hell up out of here.

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