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Monday, 10/02/2007 - 12:31 a.m.

Eating pussy is one of the *best* things in the whole wide world. Sucking dick is really good, too, but nothing restores my spirit like putting my face in a twat. And not just any twat; the twat of someone I love. YAY!

Walking the cat never gets old. I have to stop him from eating leaves and dirt but it's still fun.

I'm looking for another job. A lot of us are in agreement that our management sucks ass and it's time to get out. I really love the work; it's the people I can't stand.

I have to say I'm really liking DC not being home when I get home. I get an hour to an hour and half by myself and I can be productive. I can also unwind from work without having him be the clinging vine of death. He doesn't have to deal with my wound-up nutball self, either, so win-win.

Speaking of the magic of pussy, I finally sent out the women only party info. I put that off because I lost interest in hosting it. I hate busting my hump only to have no one (or close to it) show up. We used to have women everywhere way back when - women ganging up on other women to beat them, women walking around in skimpy lingerie being all hot, women strapping it on and fucking other women. *SQUISH* I miss that. No one's ego was in play, no one was acting a fool, we were all there just to fuck each other and beat on each other and enjoy being around each other. *sigh*

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