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Tuesday, 04/14/2009 - 9:24 p.m.

DC and I had mindblowing sex Saturday morning and broke my twat again, complete with bloody discharge and cramps. Whoops. We had the go-ahead from Dr. Fabulous for sex and I took all my antibiotics but apparently we can't just fuck with wild abandon for a while. We'd been super careful up to that morning but *ahem* someone was a filthy slut who needed a lot of dick. The weather was gorgeous so after the twat-breaking sex we got out in the convertible for a couple of hours. As we were passing the local Catholic church, which had a big black scarf draped over the cross in the yard for Easter, DC says "Who died?". Atheist to the core, that's him.

We all trooped to my mother's for Easter and no one batted an eye at our family. 3 of my mother's sisters were here and the last I knew only Aunt Sally knew the entire story of me and DC and the Boy. The other aunts were filled in at some point and no one treated the Boy any different. Everyone kissed his face and hugged his neck like they did me and DC so yay. DC hit on my Aunt Cindy and she apparently was OK with that. Aunt Mimi talked about how much she wanted to sit on Johnny Depp's face. My aunties are a bunch of horny old broads. Hee. Tattoo came as well and we all played Taboo, which was hilarious. Aunt Mimi screaming "Wet dream!" was the highlight of the game.

We're going to the Glitter Kids' for dinner Saturday night and I'm excited. I really like them and we all get along so well, despite the 10-15 year age difference between us all. Xbox is on the entertainment menu and I'm taking Taboo and Rummikub. A regular game night with people we really like would be so cool.

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